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Gourmet Buffet

Elevate your event with our exquisite Gourmet Buffet—a true showpiece meticulously curated for a seamless blend of visual allure and swift, efficient service. From its stunning presentation to the array of culinary delights, our buffet is designed to leave a lasting impression on both you and your guests. View our extra addons here.

6 Meats + 15 sides / salads = 21 choices
$60 per person

Includes 1 x Chef, Restaurant Quality Unbreakable Plates

Stainless Steel Cutlery and Napkins


BBQ Wedding Party Catering Sunshine Coast

Low “n” slow roasted whole beef rump + caramelised onion (GF)

Wood smoked honey glazed leg ham + cranberry confit (GF)

Herb Roasted Chicken Breast + Parsley Butter (GF)

Pink salted roasted pork + sliced apple + crackling (GF)

Atlantic salmon skewers + kaffir lime (GF)

Spicy cajun chicken wings + tzatziki (GF)

Included Sides

Sweet roasted pumpkin & honey sweet potato (GF, DF, Ve)

Creamy ‘n’ cheesy potato bake (GF, V)

Buttered corn cobbs (GF, V)

Seasonal steamed fresh vegetables (GF, DF, Ve)

honey black sesame carrots (GF, DF, Ve)

Hokkien + Udon + Soya + sesame noodle salad (DF, Ve)

Wok Tossed Wombok + Sesame + Ginger Soya (DF. Ve)

Sliced Baguette + Tortillas

Turkish pide garlic bread

Red wine jus

Seasonal Fruit Platter

Side Salads

Choose 4 Options

Caesar + Cos + Egg + Bacon + Crispy Croutons + Shaved Parmi + Puff Swizzles

Cajun Chicken Caesar Salad + Cos + Smokey Bacon + Shaved Parmi

Rice salad + asian veg + soya + prawn crackers (V, Ve option)

Creamy Potato Salad + Fried Onions (GF, DF, V)

Greek salad + Noosa reds + yarra feta + cucumber + roasted pepper + olives (GF, V)

Creamy pesto mushroom pasta + fried shallots (V)

Italian bean salad + dijon + shaved fennel + mint (GF,DF, V)

Spinach + pumpkin + pine nut + feta (GF, V)

Bocconcini + basil + Noosa red tomatoes (V)

Bacon + jalapeño + corn salad + parsley + lime (GF, DF)

Loaded Seasonal Tossed Salad (GF)

Freshly shredded slaw + coriander + mayo (GF, DF, V)

Chick pea + lentils + seeded mustard + balsamic (GF, DF, Ve)

Tomato basil salad + pesto + onion rings (DF, V, Ve)

Beetroot + red onion + baby spinach + crisp rice noodles (GF, DF, Ve)

Tabbouleh + baby spinach + Parley + fresh Lime (DF, Ve)

Cous Cous + parsley + lime + cucumber + cherry tomato (DF, Ve)

Buffet 1

Providing a beautiful selection of Freshly Made Salads, Tender Meats and Edible Garnishes.  This buffet provides choice without compromising on quality. View our extra addons here.

4 meats + 12 sides and salads = 16 Choices
$50 per person

Includes 1x Chef, Restaurant Quality Unbreakable Plates
Stainless Steel Cutlery and Napkins


Spicy cajun chicken wings + tzatziki (GF)

Roasted chicken breast + parsley butter (GF)

Wood-smoked honey baked ham + cranberry confit (GF)

BBQ Wedding Party Catering Sunshine Coast

Garlic herb rubbed roast beef + caramelised onion (GF)

Salted roast pork + apple slices + crackling (GF)

Rosemary roast lamb + mint sauce (GF) (Surcharge $1.50)


Hokkien + udon noodle salad + soya

Honey carrots + black sesame seeds

Turkish pide garlic bread

Seasonal fresh mixed vegetables

Oven roast pumpkin + sweet potato (GF)

Creamy ‘n’ cheesy baked potatoes (GF)

Fresh seasonal fruit platter

Red wine + onion jus


Choose 4 Options

Greek Salad + feta + tomato + olives + cucumber (GF, V)

Caesar Salad + baby cos + bacon + parmi

Loaded seasonal tossed salad (GF, DF, V, Ve)

Bacon + jalapeño + corn salad + parsley + lime (GF. DF.)

Tomato & basil salad + pesto dressing (GF, DF, V, Ve)

Fresh shredded slaw + mayo (GF, DF, V)

Potato salad + Fried onions (DF, V)

Chick pea + lentils + seeded mustard balsamic (GF, DF, V-Ve)

Rice Salad + asian veg + soya + prawn crackers (DF. V. Ve option)

Housemade Pasta Salad (DF, V)

Rice Salad + asian veg + soya + prawn crackers (DF. V. Ve option)

Cous Cous salad + parsley + lime + cucumber + cherry tomato (DF. V. Ve)

Roast pumpkin + pine nut + feta + spinach (GF, DF, V)

Italian bean salad + dijon + mint (GF, DF, V, Ve)

Beetroot + red onion + baby spinach + crisp rice noodles (GF, DF, V, Ve)

BBQ Buffet

SafeHands BBQ Buffet, where inclusivity meets culinary delight! Our buffet is designed to create a memorable and interactive dining experience for all our guests.  Embrace the perfect blend of laid-back charm and refined service, ensuring a seamless dining affair even with large groups or specific service timeframes. Our beautifully presented spread features not only delectable meats and vegetarian options but also incorporates freshly prepared salads and edible garnishes that add an artistic touch to the feast.

$65 per person

7 meats + 11 Sides = 18 Choices

Includes 1x Chef, Restaurant Quality Unbreakable Plates
Stainless Steel Cutlery and Napkins


BBQ Wedding Party Catering Sunshine Coast

Sous vide then seared rib fillet + sweet potato chips + jus

Atlantic salmon skewers + fresh lime

Gourmet sausages + caramelized onion

Chicken Skewers + coconut satay + crisp rice noodles

Spicy cajun chicken wings

Slow cooked hoisin pulled pork

Skewered beef koftas + cucumber yoghurt

Included Sides

Housemade vegetarian spring rolls + sweet chili (Ve, DF)

Creamy “n’ cheesy potato bake

Udon + Hokkien noodle salad + ginger soya + crisp noodles (Ve, DF)

Turkish pide garlic bread

Seasonal fresh season fruit platter (Ve)

Fresh Baguette + Flat Wraps

Buttered Green Peas

Caramelized onions + red wine jus

Side Salads

Seasonal loaded tossed salad (Ve, GF, DF)

Greek salad + yarra feta + olives (GF)

Caesar salad + cos egg + bacon + shaved parmi + puff swizzle

Creamy mushroom pasta + pesto + fried shallots (V, DF)

Italian bean salad + dijon + shaved fennel +mint (Ve, GF, DF)

Cajun caesar salad + bacon + poached egg, baby cos

Baby spinach + honey pumpkin + pine nuts + feta (GF)

Bocconcini + basil + Noosa reds + olive oil (V, GF)

Freshly shredded slaw + mayo (GF, DF)

Beetroot + red onion + baby spinach+ crisp rice noodles (Ve, DF)

Chick pea + lentils + seeded mustard + balsamic (Ve-GF, DF)

Rice salad + asian veg + soya + prawn crackers

Creamy potato salad + fried onions (DF)

Tabbouleh + baby spinach + parsley + lime (Ve, DF)

Bacon + jalapeño + corn salad + parsley + lime (GF, DF)

Cous Cous salad + parsley + lime + cucumber + cherry tomato (Ve, DF)

Finger Food

Freshly made Finger Foods perfect for any occasion!

This menu is designed to be a complete package, when combining to make a catering package our ‘Extra Add Ons’ page has available options!

Includes 1x Chef, Platters and One Use Napkins
​(a travel surcharge may apply to Hinterland locations)

10 Finger Foods $50
15 Finger Foods $60

In-House made Spring Rolls + Ginger + Coriander Dipping Sauce (V)

Pulled Pork Chinese Style Spring Rolls ​+ Chili Soya

Fresh Nori Rolls + Soya + Lime (GF, DF, V, Ve)

Vegetarian Rice Paper Rolls + Sweet Chili (GF, DF, V, Ve)

Bacon + White Wine + Cheese Arancini

Brioche hot dog + American Mustard + Fried Onions + Tomato Sauce

Hoisin Pork Belly Bao Bun + Kimchi + Asian Mayo

Salt “n” Pepper Calamari + Kaffir Lime Mayo (DF)

​BBQ Beef Brioche Sliders + Slaw + Hickory Sauce

​Skewered Herb Meatballs + Smoky BBQ Sauce

Honey Beef “n” Onion Satay’s (GF)

Rosemary Lamb Skewers + Tzatziki (GF, DF)

Crumbed Barra Skewers + Lime Mayo (DF)

Thai Chicken Spoons + Crispy Battered Onion

Toasted Brioche + Avocado + Parmesan Crisp (V)

Teriyaki | Tandoori Chicken Rice Paper Rolls + Dip (GF)

Charred Chicken Skewers + Peanut Satay Sauce (GF)

Roasted Peppers + Noosa Reds on Crispy Loaf + Pesto Olive Oil (Ve)

Cheese ‘n’ Onion Mini Quiches + Sweet Potato Chips (V)

Goats Cheese Frittata + Noosa Reds + Cottage Cheese (GF, V)

Roast Pumpkin + Feta Cheese Tart + Fried Onion (V)

Roast Capsicum + Noosa Reds + Bocconcini Skewers (V, GF)

Thai Chicken Gow Gee Tartlet + Asian Mayo

Prawn pop-overs + Lime Mayo (DF)

Slow Roasted Tomato Tartlet + Basil Cream + Caramelised Onion (V)

Atlantic Salmon Spoons + Wakame + Lime Mayo (GF, DF)

Honey Sliced Ham Rye + Cucumber Pickle (DF)

Black Bean Beef + Gow Gee Tart

Rare Roast Beef Mini Slider + Caramelised Onions

Ocean trout + Spinach Wraps + Caper Cream

Bao Bun + Mild Curried Pumpkin + Slaw + Remoulade (V)

Prawn Twisties + Lime Chile Dip

Japanese Style Duck Pancakes + Ponzu Crème + Furikake

Thai Fish Cakes + Soya + Chili + Coriander (DF, GF option)

Dutch Pancake + Roast Pumpkin + Rare Roast Beef

Smoked Salmon Pancakes Dutch Cream, Capers

Seared Noosa Reds + Basil Cream + Yorkshire Pudding (V)

Talk & Fork Mini Meals

Perfect at any event with limited or no seating.  Cocktail Style Wedding Receptions, Social Corporate Events & Parties

4 Finger Foods 2 Talk & Fork $50 pp
8 Finger Foods 2 Talk and Fork $65 pp
10 Finger Foods, 3 Talk & Fork $75 pp
Grazing Table + Finger Foods 3 Talk & Fork $75 pp

Finger Food Options

Fish ‘n’ Chips + Salad Greens + Lime Mayo

BBQ Beef Slider + Slaw + Fried Onion Rings + Wedges

Red Wine Beef Stroganoff + Mash + Greens + Sour Cream

Thai Green Chicken Curry + Coconut + Rice (GF)

Chicken + Beef Satays + Peanut Coconut Satay + Fried Rice (GF, DF)

Vietnamese Rice Paper Rolls + Crisp Rice Noodle Salad + Nam Jim + Chili (GF, V, Ve, DF, C)

Mediterranean Tuscan Rigatoni + Roasted Veg + Basil Pesto + Parmesan (V)

House made Vegetable Spring Rolls + Sweet Chili + Asian Slaw (V DF)

Honey Glazed Ham + Mixed Leaf Salad + Walnut + Apple Yarra + Fetta (GF, C)

Chicken Schnitzel Slider + Fries + Greens + Spicy Mayo

Hokkein Noodles + Prawns + Asian Greens + Soya
Loaded King Prawn Salad + Spicy Mango Dressing + Cos Leaves (GF, C)
Thai Beef Curry + Kaffir Lime + Rice + Asian Greens (GF)
Spiced Pumpkin + Chickpea Salad + Rocket + Cider Vinegar + Pine Nuts (GF, Ve, DF, C)

Sous Vide Beef Cheek + Mash + Caramelised Onion

Tandoori Chicken Salad + Shredded Coconut + Cucumber Yoghurt (GF, C)

Pulled Pork BBQ Slider + Asian Slaw + Wedges

Kaffir Thai Beef Curry + Rice + Asian Greens (GF)

Red Vegetable Jungle Curry + Lemon Grass + Turmeric Rice Pilaf (GF, VE DF)

Spicy Thai Beef Salad + Crispy Rice Noodles + Asian Mayo + Cashews (GF, C)

Korma Chicken Breast + Green Tomato Marmalade + Saffron Rice + Spinach (GF)

Salt ‘n’ Pepper Calamari Freshly Cooked, Served Hot + Kaffir Lime Mayo

Tapas Catering

Tapas is a style of catering service offering a festive atmosphere designed where guests can sample bite size delights served directly to each table. Designed for tables of 10+ guests or long rows or Cocktail Style.

10 Tapas + Dessert
$70 per person

Minimum 50 people
Includes 1 Chef, Commercial Quality Unbreakable Plates, Cutlery and Napkins


catering sunhine coast by safehands

Cured salmon + kimchi + bao buns

Hoisin slow roasted pork belly + apple slaw

Thai style fish cakes + chilli lime dip

Crispy spanish chorizo + turkish pide + olives + fried onion

Kaffir cured seared tuna + wasabi mayo + avocado

Ling fish + prawn tartlette

Slow roast lamb shoulder + garlic naan + lemon parsley mayo

Hot pot coconut prawns + chili mango

Sous vide beef cheek + red wine glaze

Slow cooked skewered chicken, kaffir lime + satay sauce

Stuffed garlic mushrooms + yarra fetta + roast pepper

Moroccan lamb meatballs + pine nuts + cucumber yoghurt

Salt-pepper squid + chilli plum jam

Salt-pepper squid + chilli plum jam

Roast honey pumpkin tartlet + cress + aioli drizzle

Southern fried chicken + fennel slaw + dill lime cream

Salmon ceviche + pickled daikon + shredded nori + wakami

Platter of cured meats + pickles + mediterranean vegetables + fetta + olives


Kahlua pecan nut tarte + creme fraiche

Gooey bread and butter pudding + raspberry jam + cream, salted caramel

Sticky date pudding + caramel, cream + Anzac slice

Lemon short crust tart + mango glaze +vanilla cream

Lime Tart Macadamia Nuts + Fresh Cream

Chocolate Berry Slice + Coulis and Vanilla Cream

Feasting Share Platters

Share Platters is a style of catering service designed for a sit-down dining experience with the relaxed nature and social atmosphere.  Platters of breads, salads, vegetables and/or meats are served directly to the center of guest tables to share and enjoy.

2 Mains + 3 Sides
3 Mains + 3 Sides

Includes 1x Chef, Restaurant Quality Unbreakable Plates, Stainless Steel Cutlery and One Use Napkins


Ling fish + prawn tartlet + julienne pickled veg + Spinach

Salt pepper calamari + fries + lime mayo

Char-grilled chicken and thigh + bacon + olives + fetta crumble + jus

Ocean trout + shaved fennel + radish julienne + chive butter

Bulgogi eye fillet + wok veg + kimchi + coriander drizzle

Chicken breast tex-mex + corn + sticky rice + tomato cilantro salsa

All day hoisin slow roast pork belly + apple slices + fried rice

BBQ bacon cheese loaded chicken schnitzel + fries + gravy

Pressed lamb shoulder + pistachi0 stuffing + greens + balsamic

Smoked glazed ham + cranberries + sweet potato chips

Rib fillet + crumbed parmi croquettes + fried onion + jus

Braised pork shoulder + rigatoni + seared Noosa red tomatos

Seared-tuna + nori + pickled daikon + wakame + sesame peas

Ocean prawn hot pot + garlic naan + parsely butter

Ocean trout rice paper rolls + nam jim + udon noodle + crisp onion

Spanner crab linguine + shaved fennel + chives + garden peas

Garlic lamb loin chops + stuffed mushrooms + jus

Coconut jungle curry + turmeric rice + prawn crackers


Baby coz salad + shaved parmi + cider mayo + croutons + poached egg

Corn cobs + parsley garlic butter

Wok fried wombok + ginger + soya + black sesame seeds

Shaved slaw + coriander + red cabbage + fresh mint + asian mayo

Maple baked pumpkin + dijon glaze

Potato wedges + chipotle mayo + rock salt

Seasonal garden salad + walnuts + vinaigrette

Baked sweet potato + pine nuts + baby bocconcini

Baked chats potatoes + garlic sage butter

Asian fried rice + black bean + fried egg + furikake

Roasted tomato salad + basil drizzle + baby spinach + fetta

Stuffed mushrooms + smokey bacon + cheese topping

Chick pea + lentil + balsamic + mustard seed + roast pepper

Plated sit down

Alternate Drop

Includes 1x Chef, Restaurant Quality Unbreakable Plates, Stainless Steel Cutlery and One Use Napkins


Cured ocean trout + avocado + blinis

Prosciutto arancini + micro greens + garlic aioli + parmesan

Coconut chicken + short crust tartlet + shaved fennel

Prawn ceviche + shaved nori + black sesame rice + pickled daikon

Chili hoisin pork belly + julienne apple + baby coz + Asian mayo

BBQ bourbon chicken thighs + southern drizzle + herb focaccia

Goat cheese tartlet + roasted Noosa reds + fried onion

5 spice soya duck breast + pop-overs + sesame honey

Honey roast pumpkin tart + ricotta + julienne radish (V)

Bulgogi beef + kimchi + noodles + coriander


Crispy skin chicken breast + parmi croquette + glazed pumpkin + greens + jus

Individual red wine beef pie + mash + smashed mint peas

Chicken parmigiana + fries + tossed salad + Gravy

Sous vide bourbon pulled beef + baby chats + Asian slaw + BBQ glaze

Chicken fetta prosciutto ballotine + creamy potatoes + butter greens + honey sesame carrots

Rib fillet steak Diane + fries + Caesar salad

Crispy skin barra + crumbed croquette + brown butter + greens + fried onion

Sticky glazed pork shoulder + steamed rice + baby greens + chili Wombok slaw

Individual chicken leek pie + broccolini + baked potato

Rib fillet + creamy potatoes + garlic beets + greens + stuffed mushroom + red wine jus

Individual chicken leek pie + broccolini + baked potato

Sous vide red wine beef cheek + creamy potato bake + fried onions + garlic crouton

Fresh coconut vegetable curry + jasmine rice + pineapple salsa (v)

Pressed lamb leg + potato roti + sweet potato puree + seared cherry tomatoes + Lamb jus

Seared salmon fillet + shaved fennel + baby coz + sweet potato chips + lime mayo

Chinese style pork spare ribs + steamed rice + Asian veg + prawn crackers


Mixed Tartlet Combination – Brulee – Key Lime – Caramel

Chocolate fudge brownie + anglaise + berries

Crème Brulee tart + pineapple coconut salsa + crème fraiche

Almond and pear cake + berry jam + clotted cream

Pavlova + berry coulis + fresh cream + crisp Anzac slice

Kahlua pecan nut tarte + crème fraiche

Gooey bread and butter pudding + raspberry jam + cream, salted caramel

Sticky date pudding + caramel, cream + Anzac slice

Lemon short crust tart + mango glaze +vanilla cream

Fresh berry and fruit plate + lime curd

Our Bundles/Packages

Discover our customizable Catering Bundles/Packages for unforgettable events, including Weddings! Perfectly combining finger foods / canapés, and your choice of sit-down or cocktail-style catering. Create your tailored Bundle today.

Bundle 1

Wedding Buffet
Catering package with substantial choice and quantity

8 Finger Foods + Buffet One
4 Meats
12 Sides
+ 2 Bonus Sides

18 choices For $75 Per Person

Add Desserts for a complete catering package

Bundle 2

Gourmet Wedding Buffet
The ultimate Catering package with substantial choice and quantity

 8 Finger Foods + Gourmet Buffet
6 Meats 
15 Sides
+ 2 Bonus Sides

23 choices For $85 Per Person

Desserts Individually Plated $8.50 per person

Bundle 3

Talk and Fork
Talk & Fork is the ultimate catering option where seating is limited, cocktail style.

Chefs Selection of 12 Finger Foods
3 Talk and Fork Mini Meals
Guaranteed to impress your guests

$75 Per Person

Bundle 4

Corporate Buffet + Dessert
Perfect for Small or Large Corporate Events
Dietary Requirements Catered for

5 Meats
11 Sides
Select 4 Desserts
Individually plated

16 Choices For $60 per person

Bundle 5

Share Feasting Platter + Dessert
Lavish feasting platters served directly to guest’s tables to share

8 Finger Foods
3 Mains and 3 Sides

$85 per person – minimum 50 people

Extra Addons

6 Finger Foods $25 per person
Grazing Table $27.50 per person
Sweets $8.80 per person

Finger Foods $25

House made vegetarian rice paper rolls + sweet chili dip

Californian veg nori rolls (GF)

Smokey bacon + parmi Arancini

Seared chicken skewers + peanut satay (GF)

Tartlet with slow roasted tomato + caramelised onion (V)

​Homemade herb garlic meatballs + smoky BBQ sauce

​BBQ beef brioche sliders + slaw

Honey beef and onion satay’s (GF)

Rosemary lamb skewers + tzatziki (GF)

Cheese n onion Mini Quiche + Crisp Sweet Potato (V)

Crumbed barra skewers + kaffir lime mayo

House made spring rolls + nan jim (V)

Salt and pepper calamari + lime mayo

Grazing Table $27.50

Served with Side Plates & Spoons (Biodegradable)

Mini quiches + Spring rolls + Vegetable rice paper rolls + fresh nori rolls

Antipasto platter – Mixed cured meats + chicken roulard + Chorizo + pepperoni + ham olive skewers + local baguettes & breads

Mixed cheese platter of Brie + Blue + selection of seasonal fresh & dried fruits

Fresh dips and sauces + vegetable batons

Flat bread + Crackers + puff swizzles + pretzels

Dessert & Sweets $8.80

Individually Plated Buffet Style on Bio with Mint Cream and Coulis

Dessert + Wedding Cake Platters +$1.10 pp
Simply provide your own platters for the wedding cake!
Wedding Cake Service $3.50 per person

Pavlova + cream + salted caramel + fruit salad (GF)

Baked vanilla cheesecake + berry coulis

Creme brulee tartlet + Anzac slice

Chocolate fudge brownie + ganach cream

Apple crumble tartlet + creme anglaise

White chocolate coconut tart + caramel

Chocolate macadamia tart + whipped cream

Lime curd tartlet + cream anglaise

Sticky date pudding + salted caramel cream

Bread & butter pudding + whipped cream + caramel

Chocolate mudcake + cream anglaise

Caramel & Cream Tartlet + Anzac Slice

Sunshine Coast Catering

Dietary Requirements

We take pride in our ability to accommodate guests with dietary requirements. We recognize that when dealing with large guest lists, there are bound to be a few special requests. 

Have Any Questions?

Rest assured, we are more than happy to collaborate with you. Our menus always include gluten-free, vegetarian, and dairy-free options, ensuring that there is something for everyone to enjoy.

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