Safehands Catering

Terms & Conditions

Initial Quotes
Initial quotes are provided with menus based on a minimum number of guests. Guest numbers can be increased with final RSVPs and the account updated closer to your event; however, the initial account shows the minimum account payable.

All prices quoted are inclusive of GST unless otherwise stated. Prices may be subject to change.
For us to quote you accurately please advise if you require any additional services including Finger Foods / Canapés or Cake plating.

A once off travel and booking fee is applied to bookings, and may be dependent on the location and setup.

Deposit and Payments
All quotes are subject to availability at the time of enquiry as we only cater one function per day.
A 25% non-refundable deposit is required to secure the event, deposits are 7 day terms.
If you event is within 1 month, 4 days are given to secure your booking unless specified differently when receiving our catering agreement and booking form.
Once a deposit and catering agreement has been received we will send you confirmation of funds received and confirmation of your booking details.

Please Note: No event is considered confirmed until a deposit is received and confirmed you have viewed our catering agreement with function details.
Final guest numbers are required 11 days in advance, the final balance must be paid in full 10 days prior to the event date; no payment may result in loss of deposit and onsite catering.

Confirmation of Details
We require menus to be confirmed a minimum of 2 weeks prior to the event if not provided earlier. Menus are generally not subject to change however; this may not always be possible and a similar replacement provided. Any dietary requirements are to be advised with final RSVPs. Final numbers and the times of catering service are to be confirmed by email 11 days prior to the event. As bookings are made on minimum numbers, we ask for you to confirm any additional guest numbers. If you have any guests with dietary requirements the breakdown of requirements must be advised one month prior to function date.

Dietary Requirements
SafeHands Catering kitchens and equipment work with products including nuts & seeds, oils, eggs, soy, dairy, gluten, seafood, and other know allergens. Although all care is taken to ensure these items are contained, we cannot guarantee a total absence for dietary requirements and accept no liability thereof. Please inform your guests – if any have severe allergic reactions and if concerned that they are able to bring their own allergen free food.

SafeHands Catering can provide all catering equipment required for cooking onsite. We can work with you and the venue facilities to ensure all equipment required for the menu is available either from the venue or supplied by us. When using hired venues, we may but will not always require access to kitchen facilities – we DO NOT cook in kitchens at private homes. As we provide all cooking equipment, we require parking beside our van with access to power for our oven that remains in the vehicle.
This allows us to provide a consistent service no matter the location.

Please note that rubbish is left onsite, this is not taken with us.
We ask for you to provide tables and cloths for the catering service. This may include 1-2 for Finger Foods and 4 for buffet services of 100 guests. The buffet table is to be positioned in a straight line with room for guests to flow either side, this allows for a smooth and efficient service.

Plates and cutlery are provided for Buffet Dinners, Share Platters and Plated Meals.
Plates and cutlery are positioned on the buffet table or placed onto guest tables. Dessert is either plated onto one use plates or quality plates to suit the function. This allows dessert to be enjoyed later in the evening if not all plated desserts are eaten prior to our departure.

Quality Control
SafeHands Catering has a Food Safety Program implemented to control and monitor all food prepared and served at functions and public events. We are registered with Queensland Health and have all appropriate skills and knowledge for the service provided. SafeHands Catering uses our Food Safety Program regulations to control and monitor all foods we provide.

SafeHands Catering can provide catering for your event in most weather conditions and ask for a sheltered undercover area to setup and work onsite with lighting, power and water. We request this be besides parking for ease of unloading catering equipment. With marquee weddings we require an undercover area alongside the marquee separate from guests. As the weather can be unpredictable, we ask for shelter / caterers’ marquee to provide protection of food catered from the sun and also from wind and rain, or a contingency plan in place. We ask for you to provide access to power, undercover area to work onsite, power, and potable running water. Tables, table cloths and an urn must be provided for catering service as we generally depart prior to the end of the function.
If you are having an outdoor or marquee function, it is beneficial to have a contingency plan in place.

Staff Costs
Pricing quoted on all functions includes 1 chef.
SafeHands Catering can facilitate with staff to assist with our catering service. This may include referring another business that provides this service locally or you are welcome to source additional staff yourself.
As staff work independently from SafeHands Catering, staff costs may be invoiced or paid directly on the evening.
Prices quoted and availability can be confirmed when a booking is made.
Staff pricing is dependent on the location and time of service required.
Pricing is set for a minimum of 4 hours and an hourly rate applied thereafter, determined in advance.
A travel fee is applied to hinterland areas and locations out of the Sunshine Coast.
Please note as additional staff are not held by SafeHands Catering pricing may increase.
Public holiday rates will apply for select dates.

A 100% of final invoice fee will be charged for events that are cancelled less than 14 days prior to the event for any reason whatsoever including weather or any other circumstances. Bookings are based on a minimum number of guests with the minimum account balance. If confirmed numbers drop by more than 10% of the original enquiry / quoted number, SafeHands Catering reserves the right to work with minimum account balances, increase the per person price or requote based on reduced numbers. 50% of total invoice based on initial quote will be charged for any event that is cancelled less than 30 days prior to the event up to 14 days prior. Any Event that is cancelled more than 30 days prior to the event will incur loss of payment received towards the balance.  All payments towards the final balance, are non-refundable if cancelled by the customer.

Doggy Bags
Doggy Bags are mostly suited for Buffet Style services.
Please enquire if you would like any remaining food, this may not always be suitable and request you give notice in advance. We require you to provide 6-8 new clean disposable oven trays with lids.
If no lids are provided Foil or Cling wrap must be provided.
Once service has finished remaining food deemed safe by Food Safety Supervisor is transferred to containers mentioned above and left in the responsibility of person in charge such as MC or host. The responsible person will be advised all food handling and storage requirements to ensure safe food consumption. If containers are not available no food will be left onsite.
We DO NOT pack food into small take away containers and request numerous large containers so food can be easily transferred and stored.